5 Simple Steps to Turn Blogging into A Full Time Job

Full Time Blogger

Are you a Blogger? The answer may be Yes, or you might be planning to become a blogger.

Anyway, blogging can be a hobby, a way to build or strengthen your brand or, more simply, a simple line on your resume that can help you find a job.

How to Turn Your Blog into A Full-Time job

Full Time BloggerDo you know that it can also be a job? Even if the majority of blogs are of personal platforms, more than 40% of bloggers write for money. Besides, as is common that companies are shifting more and more for marketing to blogs and social media, creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers or employees to have their own blogs and additional remuneration.

From here, we look at the five key things you need to turn your hobby into a job.


If you have not already done so, compile a draft now. What is the niche of your blog? What kind of strategies have you used so far to ensure that search engines notice your blog? Have you planned and organized the content?

Keep track of your success as it will help you as a blogger to identify what you can offer to a company and how to improve your resume. In the same way, by analyzing the areas where you can grow and you will see where to focus on the future while developing your skills as a blogger. As with all things, even here the planning is vital.


As you know, having a blog is not just about writing, it is also to make others read whatever you write. Stand out in the blogosphere requires effort, but it is a critical skill that employers seek. Then focus on bringing out your blog: Connect with other bloggers, participate in social networks and popular events of companies, communication or other bloggers. Even if your blog is a niche blog, if you are pointing out, you are doing something right, and this is a great story to tell in a job interview.


Addition to writing (regularly) for your blog, established credibility beyond, as well as contributing to other blogs and publications. This will not only improve your writing skills, but it will call your name in the blog world and will help you create your new contacts. Many blogs take the post of staff and visitors, as well as matches with what you know and expand. If you have a blog on food, try to accommodate posts of other bloggers food, at which point you are looking to advertise a quick and easy recipe in a blog on the family, for example.


When we speak not of the best blogs, it is just words. They include quality graphics, an attractive layout, creative content and interactive features. So think of other skills or interests that you can make, such as photography, design or capacity computing. Do you have any of these? Choose your efficiency (e.g., photography) and use your blog to develop. Try to use your photos instead of using image Creative Commons or try for yourself in the customization of your header (which, in case you did not know, is the upper part of a website, which usually is the logo and title).


After you update your resume with your new experiences and skills, the process to find a position in a company by a professional blogger is not so different from finding any other job, but remember two things. First, keep in mind that the word “blogger” may not be in the title of the work offered (Many work-related blogs are posted in specialized sites or turned to write, so start with these ).

Secondly, considered even part-time positions. Not all companies have the funds to spend on a person who is dedicated to the blog full-time, but that does not matter, especially if you’re in the beginning. Think of it as a first test and experience a kind of part-time or freelance.

Finally, make sure that your blog is up (the first things that an employer will do is to click your link) and your letter must demonstrate and pass on your creativity, your passion and your writing skills. After all, it is precisely this what your new employer is looking for.